What matters to families when choosing a senior living community: The Charm of Wesley Homes!

  There are so many factors that contribute to creating a top notch senior living community.  A place we would not only feel completely comfortable having our parents call home, but a place where we could imagine ourselves living someday. It goes without saying that a community needs to be clean, provide a safe environment, and focus on centered resident/patient care.  Family members need to be assured that their loved one has not only their physical needs met, but their spiritual and emotional ones as well. A senior living community that establishes itself as an employer of choice and implements programs to benefit their staff will have high retention.  We all know that residents become quite fond of staff and often see them as an extension of their family.  Therefore, it simply makes sense that there will be initiatives, programs, and the infrastructure to support the team who provides resident care. We also know that isolation and depression are dangers all seniors are vulnerable to as their mobility decreases and they begin to lose old friends.  Therefore, assisting this group to remain wired to their world and providing the opportunity for them to engage with social media becomes increasingly important. Providing opportunities for social engagement within a community will increase the probability of making new friends and keeping isolationism at bay. Wesley Homes provides its residents with opportunities to learn new skills while sharpening their existing ones; offering classes and programs, such as, Brain Fit, Facebook 101 & 201, Music and Memory and monthly dinner socials  to name just a few.  All of these activities provide an exciting way to enrich our residents and entice families who are grappling with the decision as to what senior living community to choose. Wesley Homes is fortunate to have a robust Foundation with a well-integrated infrastructure. Having worked in the senior living industry for a number of years, I bring perspective to the table, and I am well aware of other communities that are not so fortunate. With charitable funds existing such as The Circle of Concern, Greatest Need, Employee Education Grant, Employee Assistance Fund, and Capital Projects, Wesley Homes is well on its way to revolutionizing the senior living experience and the perks that come with it. Wesley Homes Foundation provides this community a peace of mind; the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are a collection of generous souls who look after one another.  We are not merely an organizational entity; we represent each of you, the resident, the staff, and the community at large.  We are Wesley Homes.    

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