What Are You Looking Forward to in 2014?

While some of us are asking “Where did 2013 go?”, others are looking to the future. Our Wesley Homes residents, staff and friends tell us their goals and what they’re looking forward to in 2014. Trina DeBiase, Wesley Homes Corporate staff: I’m looking forward to my trip to Arizona and 75⁰ weather! Donna Wilson, Wesley Homes resident: I form a garden of my year's goals with each segment of life getting its own special emphasis. My personal goal is to increase my ability to walk distances. I’m also looking forward to making the best use of my volunteer hours at Wesley Homes to support a sense of family and community. Millie Leberg, Wesley Homes resident: I’m supposed to be retired, so I’m looking forward to being less busy. Kevin Anderson, Wesley Homes president/CEO: Breaking ground for the health center on the Wesley Homes Lea Hill campus. Linda Pfister, Wesley Homes resident: I’m looking forward to my husband being healthy. Juli Anne Cooke (Gibson), Real Estate 65 Plus: I’m looking forward to health care for all citizens in the U.S. I’m also looking forward to a paradigm shift in real estate in regards to selling seniors’ homes…more than a transaction, it is a Life Event. Mark St. Clair, Wesley Homes Corporate staff: I’m looking forward to developing new business partners and expanding my connections. Karen Satterberg, Wesley Homes Lea Hill: Getting our Health Center up. Susan McConnell, Wesley Homes Foundation executive director: I'm looking forward to beginning discussions with residents and prospective donors on rebuilding The Gardens on our Des Moines campus. We'd love to hear what you are looking forward to this year. Share your hopes for this year with us.

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