Welcoming Wesley Homes’ New Hospice Director

On June 13th Linda Herman joined Wesley Homes Community Health Services as Director of Hospice. Wesley Homes can now begin developing its hospice program while awaiting licensure from the state of Washington.

“I’m very excited about Wesley Homes hospice care,” said Linda Herman. “It’s a challenging but very rewarding line of work, and Wesley Homes Hospice will be unique in that people can stay within their community for their end of life care and maintain their comfort and security.”

Linda was born in France but identifies St. Augustine, Florida, as her home. She has extensive work experience there and in the southeastern states of Georgia and North Carolina. Linda has a broad background in hospice and nursing and has had previous success in developing a startup hospice program in Georgia. She also has work experience as a substance abuse counselor and a director of nursing.

“I knew Linda was the right choice after our first phone conversation,” said Wesley Homes Home Health Executive Director Melinda Moore, who brought Linda aboard after a very careful and thoughtful search. “It was important for us to not only find someone with the right qualifications but also the right kind of person who would understand and embrace Wesley Homes’ mission. Linda shares the same philosophy when it comes to care–respecting the needs of patients, honoring their wishes and making their transition as comfortable and as gentle as possible.”

Melinda also notes being impressed by how Linda made it a point to go and have breakfast with Wesley Homes’ residents to get to know them.

“Part of what makes my job both challenging and rewarding is how quickly you can form close bonds with people and their families. Because of this, you have to prove yourself through honesty and sincerity,” said Linda.

Linda was struck by the warmth and support of Wesley Homes’ residents and staff. She said it made her transition from North Carolina to the Pacific Northwest so much more comfortable. Melinda helped Linda make living arrangements, and Wesley Homes’ residents greeted her with great kindness and excitement. Linda also mentions how Wesley Homes President and CEO Kevin Anderson’s sense of humor made her feel at ease in her new position and appreciative of her new work environment.

A hospice agency has been part of Wesley Homes’ strategic plan for over 10 years and an important part of Kevin Anderson’s vision of providing a full continuum of care. The goal of the Wesley Homes’ hospice program is to relieve families of the painful process of having to look elsewhere, making countless phone calls to various facilities, transferring medical records or leaving a community in which their loved one is already comfortable.

Wesley Homes expects to receive licensure from the state this fall. At that point, we will be able to serve private pay patients and will then submit an application for Medicare and Medicaid certifications.

Be sure to visit subscribe to our newsletter for future updates and career opportunities. Until then, please join us in welcoming Linda Herman as Wesley Homes’ first Director of Hospice.