Volunteers…The Heart of Our Community

April is National Volunteer Month by Naniofa Poulivaati-Mounga, Activities Director April is National Volunteer month and we’re taking this opportunity to thank those that have given their time and energy for the service of others: our resident volunteers who help in our mailrooms and chair various committees and our resident family members who continue to volunteer at Wesley Homes after their loved ones have passed. Meet Pat & Jim Martin. Pat’s mother moved in to Wesley Homes Health Center in May of 1998; however, Pat did not start officially volunteering at the Health Center until 2002. When her mother passed away in 2006, Pat and her husband Jim continued their weekly Bingo games in the evening. Residents look forward to Wednesday evenings when they can yell out “BINGO!” in the Evergreen Room. They keep scores by handing out their Bingo “dollars” and at the end of every night tallying it all up. One of their regular players has a total of “872,670” bingo dollars. He’s been playing since Pat’s mother was a part of the Bingo group! We appreciate our volunteers for all that they do and the blessings that they bring to our residents. It has been said that volunteering is the “heart” of a community, which I find to be true. At Wesley Homes, we encourage our staff to volunteer at our Des Moines and Lea Hill locations as well as in the surrounding communities. Get involved and start doing something extraordinary through volunteering!