United Nations of the Health Center: The Philippines

The idea for our "travel" program came from a resident who wanted to get to know our diverse staff here at the Health Center. She said to me, "they are such a big part of our lives, I want to know them and where they are from." A year later, I finally had it annouced during staff stand up. I was surprised how fast my sign up sheets were filling up by my co-workers who wanted to share their culture with the residents. And what better way to capture our "travel" program but by calling it, The United Nations of the Health Center, which best describes the diversity here! The Philippines was our destination for the month of April. And again, I was blown away by the efforts of our Filipino staff. They took every opportunity to share with the residents and their co-workers, their love for their country. There was music, dancing from our own staff and food, I mean, FEAST! The Filipino group put their hearts, ideas and money together and they put on a beautiful program that surpassed my expecations. The activities department staff are so grateful to all our wonderful co-workers who continue to amaze us with their willingness to live the mission of going above and beyond for our residents. That is what makes Wesley Homes Health Center unique.