The True Wealth of Your Life

An Introduction to Legacy Letters

In our busy day to day lives we rarely have time to stop and think about what our lives mean to others and what kind of message we want to leave for our loved ones. On May 11-12 Wesley Homes is hosting an educational workshop where we will explore the venerable tradition of writing legacy letters also known as ethical wills.

Why write an ethical will? It helps us identify what we value and provides a vehicle to share those values with future generations. It also provides an opportunity to share our stories and learn a lot about ourselves in the process. An ethical will may be one of the most cherished and meaningful gifts you can leave to your family and community.

Lorraine del PradoWith more than twenty five years experience in the field of charitable planning, our presenter and Philanthropic Consultant Lorraine del Prado will talk about how these legacy letters can complement your estate and charitable plans. These legacy letters can not only help to honor relationships and shape your legacy, but can also be a source of comfort, encouragement and counsel for generations. At this event, you will hear examples of inspiring legacy letters and learn valuable tips and resources on how to create your own. This event is completely free and is a unique opportunity to get expert advice! You won’t want to miss it!

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