The Caller

  We talk a lot about what sets Wesley Homes Home Health apart, what distinguishes us from other home care providers. How can we go that extra mile to provide Recently, I learned about an incident that I think demonstrates exactly how we may answer that. Upon answering a call for our Home Health service, our clinical supervisor had a conversation that went something like this:    Caller: I’m supposed to receive services from your agency.    Home Health (HH): Wonderful, and what hospital were you discharged from?    Caller: (answers with the name of an hospital) and they said I should get home health from Wesley.     HH: Hmm. . . . I’m not familiar with that hospital.     Caller: Well, I looked up Wesley on the internet, and I found this number.     HH: Okay well, let me try to help you. Where exactly are you calling from?     Caller: Wichita     HH: Kansas?     Caller: That’s right. Where are you?     HH: We’re in Washington.     Caller: State?     HH: Yes.     Caller: But this is the number the internet gave me to call.      HH: I’ll tell you what, give me your number, and I’ll call you back in a few minutes. At this point, our Home Health supervisor did some quick research online for the contact info of an agency in Kansas that she’s familiar with. She then phoned the Caller and gave her the contact information. So what sets Wesley Homes Home Health apart? Every day we help people. Sometimes we just never know in what ways!