The 2013 Tree of Lights Celebration

  If you needed a helping hand, wouldn’t it be a comfort to know someone was there for you?   For-profit senior facilities focus on their bottom line. Wesley Homes, as a not-for-profit, focuses on the health and wellness of our residents, employees and communities. We are a mission-driven organization that devotes its resources toward innovative and quality care for older adults.  In fact, two of our 5 Strategic Goals are to be the Provider of Choice and the Employer of Choice.     Celebrate the Tree of Lights Season by making a gift in memory or honor of a loved one. Honoring someone who is living or memorializing a loved one you have lost, can also help transform the life of a resident or employee who needs your assistance through the Circle of Concern Endowment or the Employee Assistance Fund.    Give to the Circle of Concern Endowment The Circle of Concern program makes it possible for Wesley Homes to continue to provide housing for residents who have outlived their resources through no fault of their own.  Events such as a prolonged disease, severe illness or even a downturn in the market can disrupt carefully laid plans. The sense of security and peace of mind that comes from knowing that one's care and residential needs are assured provides great comfort and enhances the quality of life at Wesley Homes.                                                                                          Give to the Employee Assistance Fund Wesley Homes’ mission states, “We affirm the worth of those we serve and those who provide service.”  Gifts designated for the Employee Assistance Fund allow Wesley Homes Foundation to provide grants for emergency financial relief to employees who, through no fault of their own, are experiencing severe difficulty meeting their financial obligations. It also goes to dedicated staff members who wish to further their education or seek additional skills training that will benefit both themselves and our residents. Donations are made by staff, residents and the broader community – and we ask you to please join the list of caring supporters. Last year, thanks to our generous donors, we provided support to: • 15 residents who had their housing and service needs supported by the Circle of Concern • 25 employees who were supported during financial crisis through Employee Assistance   If you prefer, you may designate your gift to the “Greatest Need Fund.”  This allows Wesley Homes Foundation to respond quickly as needs arise and provide funding for special projects or programs. For example, Greatest Need gifts recently allowed the Wesley Homes Health Center to purchase specialized, high-tech medical equipment that could not be funded through regular fees and government reimbursements. Unrestricted support also provided funding to purchase numerous pieces of exercise equipment that make daily life more enjoyable for residents. Simply email the name ($10 minimum per name please) of a loved one you wish to recognize to [email protected] We will then hang a personalized Tree of Lights ornament on a designated Christmas tree at the Des Moines or Lea Hill campus to be celebrated throughout the Holiday Season. Best regards & Christmas blessings!  

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