Thanking Mom with Home Care

Our mothers worked hard to provide and care for us, and now may be the perfect time to provide excellent care for them at home.

May is not only Older Americans Month; it is also the month for Mother’s Day. This might be the right time to thank Mom for all she’s done by giving her home care. Whether Mom needs a little help at home or a lot, home care can help her stay independent at home where she feels secure and comfortable.

WesleyHomes_097_webToo often families burn themselves out providing supportive care for their parents only to have them relocated from their home after an emergency hospital visit; it does not have to be this way. Instead, changes can be facilitated with home care services, which can be perfect for even the most independent of older adults, regardless of age.

Home care can help Mom stay independent in several ways: medication or hygiene assistance, companionship, food preparation and cooking, pet care and transportation to social events. Laura Nencetti, Director of Home Care by Wesley, shares several stories of how individuals have utilized home care:

  • One example is of an 80-year-old woman who is very independent but had lost her spouse and could not walk or drive very far. She had gone to the symphony regularly with her spouse and wanted to continue going. Home Care by Wesley provided service three days per week for transportation, housekeeping and meals, but part of the service began to involve her caregiver going with her to the symphony so that she could keep up the tradition that meant so much to her.
  • At 93, a passionate hiker and mountain climber used home care to help him maintain his favorite pastime. He picked a caregiver who could go on hikes with him for a day or two a week. The walks were light and helped him stay active outdoors where he was happiest.
  • A woman on hospice could no longer give her cats the kind of care they needed, but they brought her so much love and comfort and her family wanted her to be able to keep them. They used home care to not only keep her comfortable but to also provide care for her pets by feeding, cleaning the litter box and more. She was able to keep her beloved animals for the rest of her life.”
  • Another story involves an 83-year-old man who no longer felt safe driving to his favorite restaurant that he had frequented regularly for 25 years. Wesley Homes’ aides provided live-in service that not only included ADL [activities of daily living] and hygiene but also regular trips to his favorite restaurant every day for lunch.

We all find comfort in different hobbies, interests and activities, and home care is highly individualized to allow people to stay comfortable and provide peace of mind for them and their families. Consider home care for Mom – or Dad – so she can continue to doing what she likes.

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