Mariners Honor Ted Gary for WWII Service

Wesley Homes Des Moines resident Ted Gary gets the red carpet treatment at Safeco Field on Armed Forces Day.

Ted_Gary_article1Wesley Homes’ own Ted Gary is in the spotlight again! Ted was honored for his service during WWII at the Seattle Mariners game on April 19, 2015, as part of the season-long Salute to Those Who Serve recognition program. He received the phone call from a Safeco Field representative that he was chosen to be honored. He later found out that his sister saw the call for submissions on television and nominated him to receive this acknowledgement. He quickly agreed to attend the game for the ceremony and received four tickets. He decided to take his sister, his son and his granddaughter.

When Ted arrived at the stadium, he was told exactly what to do and where to stand. He was shocked to find out he was the only person being honored that day.

“I just assumed that everyone would be honored before the game. You know the Marines, army, the whole works. I just thought I would be a part of the crowd,” said Ted.

The event organizers had all the bases covered (forgive the pun) giving exceptionally detailed instructions to Ted during his trip down the red carpet, which proved helpful with the commotion that was to follow.

The red carpet stretched from the tunnel to home plate. Ted was instructed to stand on the Mariners logo and acknowledge the crowd. He chose to tip his hat to the screaming fans. When asked if he was nervous he replied, “No, no, I was amazed.” It’s no wonder a mere 36,000 fans at a baseball game didn’t make Ted flinch. He was honored at this event for the heroic part he played in the Second World War. Ted described just one of the many missions he took part in during the war.


Ted Gary is on the bottom row on the right side. 


“We had a truce with the Germans during the war to drop food to the Dutch in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We went in on our plane at a 400 foot altitude to drop the food. They were starving, you know, so we were sent to change that. We saw all these people, and we saw the Germans standing next to their artillery. They told us, ‘Man your guns, but don’t fire.’ We didn’t know if the Germans would keep their truce.”


This photo was taken shortly before Ted and his crew dropped the food

Luckily, the Germans did honor the truce.

Armed Forces day proved to be exciting in more ways than one. Aside from Ted’s exciting honor, the Mariners won in the last inning!

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