Caregiver Fatigue: Coping Tips

Learn more about caregiver fatigue, what it is, and how to prevent it. As the population ages, more people who aren’t health care professionals are providing caregiving. Many family members who are actively caring for an older adult often don’t self-identify as a caregiver. A caregiver is defined as anyone who provides help to another   Read more…

Stopping Senior Enemy #1

Foil the falls epidemic; take charge of your safety. Consider a tale of two women in their mid-60s. Both snagged a high-heel shoe on carpet – one when rushing down stairs to her son’s wedding and the other when heading to her own retirement party. One broke a hip, the other tore up a knee.   Read more…

Take Care of the Caregiver

The following resources can help family caregivers become advocates for themselves and their loved ones so they can make their lives more manageable. They can also help the caregiver rest and recharge.

Winding down summer with travel

An important way in which we can show love for our grandparents is to make sure they are prepared for any travel plans we may have with them. Ppreparation for travel with older adults is important to review year-round.

The Amazing Medicine Machine

A medication dispensor provided by Wesley Homes Home Health helps residents like Gladys Arneson remember to take medication.

Occupational Therapy Helps Maintain Independence

After physical therapy gets a patient back on his feet, occupational therapy begins.This next step in recovery focuses on helping people improve their ability to perform basic activities of daily living (ADL) and be independent.

Building a Care Committee

How might someone identify that a professional care manager or a guardian might be a good option to bring into the proposed "care committee"?

Above and beyond

Another great example of how, when we keep the focus on helping people, really great things result. From our Director of Community Health Services: "Today we provided our first airline medical escort.  Because of our good work with another local community where we are currently providing service to a client, the Social Worker referred us to a resident's   Read more…

The Caller

Read this remarkable story about how one Wesley Homes Home Health staff member went the extra mile to help a caller from another state.

Caregiver Profile: Alla Mamikonyan

Alla Mamikonyan, N.A.C., has worked for Wesley Homes for nine years for Community Health Services. Alla is scheduled on the Des Moines Campus, was a 2012 Employee of the Quarter and is a true treasure.