Spring:The Legacy of Life

Spring has arrived and with it the blossoms of life – planted and nurtured by many who would never live to see the fruits of their labor. Tis the season – the season of life. I recently read the opening line of an obituary honoring the great philanthropist, Bob Wilson, “He planted trees so others might benefit from the shade.”   This is the legacy of Wesley Homes from our forefathers who saw a bog of blueberries and transformed it into a community – our community.  As I peered out my window yesterday I could see the shape of man toiling in one of our rose gardens. Working the earth with his tool, with his hands; to bring beauty, and joy to our community.   This cycle will continue; trees will be planted and visionaries will sow the seeds of their dreams.  Our communities will become stronger yet, offering our region the services required to age with dignity, grace and that proverbial zest or Je ne sais quoi! Spring signifies so much, resurrection, renewal and growth; as we move through our daily lives it behooves us to pay attention to the little things that bring us joy.  These little things ultimately contribute to the big things.  We are indeed blessed.

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