Second Time Around: Love at Wesley Homes

Jerry Roux and Marian Thomas did not expect when they moved in to Wesley Homes Lea Hill that they’d have a second shot at love.

Jerry_Marian122Jerry and Marian lived on opposite ends of the same hall, but they saw each other every day. They both sat at the same table for breakfast, where they would have brief conversations with the rest of their breakfast group. Jerry and Marian started to really notice each other during their regular after meal walks. They both enjoy walking after their meals, and they would frequently pass each other, traveling in the opposite direction on the same path. Jerry asked Marian one day if she cared to walk with him. Marian was delighted and quickly responded, “Yes!” From then on, Marian and Jerry would frequently be sighted walking together around the Lea Hill campus.

Then a funny thing occurred.

“One day, I looked down, and we were holding hands! It just happened,” Jerry said.

When they started walking hand in hand across the campus, they decided it was time to make their new love official and get married.

They announced their engagement on September 9, 2015, and were married on November 28 at the Wesley Homes Lea Hill chapel. Reverend Dave Ernst, a United Methodist minister who resides on the Wesley Homes Des Moines campus and retired chaplain for the Lea Hill campus, officiated the ceremony. Family, friends, residents and staff were in attendance on this happy day. After the wedding, the couple moved into their new home, a two bedroom apartment. Jerry and Marian have a honeymoon planned in early May. They both enjoy cruises and decided to celebrate their nuptials with an Alaskan cruise.


A little over two months after the wedding, Jerry and Marian are happy to announce how excited they are that their children have become such good friends. Jerry and Marian were meant for one another this second time around, and the new friendship between their children is a good indication of how strong this new family is already.

Despite all their happiness, Jerry and Marian have one small complaint about their recent union.

“The only problem with getting married later in life is all the stuff you have to sort through!” exclaimed Marian. “You have two sets of everything gathered from two lives. We had instantly doubled everything overnight.”

If downsizing is the only hitch to this marriage, Jerry and Marian are off to a great start!

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