Ready, Set…Move!

After years of accumulating treasures from family, friends, vacations and special occasions, you can no longer walk in your home without stumbling over one or more of those treasures. It’s time to de-clutter, especially if you’re considering moving.

Removing the clutter organizes and simplifies your life; it also adds value. That value may come in the form of a home that sells quickly. People want to picture themselves in your home. If your home is cluttered, potential buyers won’t be able to see beyond the clutter.

There’s also a financial cost to keeping clutter. If you’re just using rooms to store stuff, your mortgage payment is partly going toward storing stuff you haven’t looked at for years. There’s also a cost that comes with losing and searching for things in unorganized rooms. It’s called a waste of time.

Clutter also has an emotional cost. In a study of 32 middle-class homes conducted by a team of anthropologists, archaeologists and other scientists, mothers who described their homes as “messy” or “cluttered” also had higher levels of stress hormones by evening. The study also revealed other insights into the average American home:

  • 75 percent of homes’ garages were so filled with boxes, storage bins and other items that there was no room for an actual car.
  • A clear correlation was found between the number of items attached to a family’s refrigerator and the number of things per square foot in the rest of the house.

Things that are unused and forgotten really serve us no purpose today. Thinking about them holds us in our past or maybe even stresses us out, reminding us that we need to deal with it someday. Let’s let the clutter go “today” instead of “someday” and be free.

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Ready, Set…Move!
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