Pioneering for Bradley Park

Learn how future residents of Wesley Homes Bradley Park are making a direct impact on the development of the campus and its features.

Though Wesley Homes had data showing the need for a retirement community in Puyallup, they knew that community involvement and support was going to be key in developing the kind of campus people want.

To gauge interest for a new, full-continuum retirement community, Wesley Homes Foundation formed Friends of Bradley Park–a group of people who supported the project goals, believed in the vision and helped raise funds for it since 2013.

Team Puyallup was then formed as the leadership team for Friends of Bradley Park. It consists of committed individuals who have been dedicated to seeing the Wesley Homes Bradley Park vision grow. When Bradley Park began taking reservations, Team Puyallup became the Ambassador Team, an enthusiastic group of volunteers focused on providing information about Wesley Homes and Wesley Homes Bradley Park to the community. The ambassadors have helped fundraise in the past, but now their efforts are concentrated on finding neighbors for the growing community.

bradleyparklodge-layout-webThis growing community of neighbors is made up of Pioneers–people who have made an early reservation and have chosen an accommodation at Wesley Homes Bradley Park. Pioneer Club members not only enjoy exclusive benefits such as special events and the Pioneer Newsletter, they, along with the Ambassadors, have also contributed to the development of campus features and programs.

Ambassador and Pioneer Marlen Miller, along with Sharon Clowers and others, have already volunteered to donate some tools and machinery for the woodshop when he moves into the community. His wife, Ann, has been working on coordinating and getting input on what future residents might want in the Art Center.

There are also a number of people who will be involved in beautifying the new campus. Ambassador and Pioneers Carrie Boulet and Ginny Christensen have been working with Wesley Homes and the architects to find the ideal area for the community gardens on campus. Ginny has 600 irises at home, some of which she will be bringing to the campus. Carrie and Ginny plan on moving in plants soil-to-soil and will help other residents build their own container gardens on balconies and patios.

The naming conventions for the accommodations are also resident contributions and are based on local flora. See more information about the accommodations currently available.

bp-site-planCommunity Relations Director Peggy Qualls says that the invaluable input from future residents is what makes Wesley Homes Bradley Park unique.

“It’s uncommon to get this much input and help from future residents in forming a new retirement community. We actually have their hands-on guidance for what they want in a retirement community,” said Peggy.

As an example, feedback has shown that people want spaces to be multipurpose. For that reason, the theatre will also serve as a classroom for continued learning programs.

Wesley Homes looks forward to continued input and support from future residents and Pioneers on Bradley Park’s activities and programs. These individuals are active participants in making the campus their ideal community.

“I’m excited! This engagement from the community shows that they have a vested interest in their new residence, that this is not just where they turn the key and sleep at night. Instead, this is where life happens,” said Peggy.

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