Peace, Joy, Tranquility & Beauty

A note from the Wesley Homes Foundation

By Julie Fraser

Mural_004-smWesley Homes communities are where deep tradition abounds to enrich the lives of our residents and their families. Recently, Wesley Homes Lea Hill received a hand-painted, 70 foot mural that features local familiar and serene scenes for the campus’ memory care residents.

Commissioned with funds from Wesley Homes Foundation and a grant from Washington Federal Bank, this stunning mural has a permanent home in the courtyard of The Arbor, the memory care wing at Wesley Homes Lea Hill in Auburn.

Art is restorative.

Carla Lopez-Wilkerson, The Arbor Activity Coordinator, was introduced to The Mural Works, Inc. at the Seattle Home Show and submitted a proposal to Wesley Homes Foundation to have artist and entrepreneur, Andy Eccleshall, bring The Arbor’s Memory Care courtyard alive with his beautiful art.

As people age, their world can become smaller. Combine a shrinking social life with memory loss and the necessity for a secure space, and the need to find beauty becomes more important than ever. Aside from the aesthetic value of this beautiful mural, residents are experiencing other benefits since the mural’s installation:

Increased socialization: The mural enhances an existing courtyard and motivates  residents to gather more often. It’s a space where people congregate. As weather permits, upcoming activities, such as intergenerational craft sessions, will occur in the courtyard. This lovely mural will provide inspiration for the residents and preschoolers engaged in projects.

Reminiscing: Andy’s design provides a visual catalyst for residents with cognitive impairment to engage with staff and family through the sharing of powerful memories stimulated by the images the mural depicts. One resident’s prior home had a view of our majestic Mt. Rainier, and the mural provides a reminiscent comfort.

The Foundation is pleased to be able to bring this mural, which depicts the abundant beauty of Mt. Rainier, daffodil fields and lush farmland, to The Arbor residents and their families. Already, family members have shared that the mural transforms the courtyard and revitalizes their walks and time spent with their loved ones.

Wesley Homes Foundation was able to bring Andy’s fine art to The Arbor residents because of your support. You are the reason we can actively participate in opportunities that enrich the lives of our residents and provide dynamic properties for future residents. Together we make it happen!

If you would like more information on how you can support Wesley Homes Foundation, please contact Julie Fraser at: [email protected] or 206-870-1262.

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