Our unique Community Health Services Staff Members

  Wesley Homes Home Health has been proudly providing in-home care since 2003.  Our professional, licensed staff are scheduled to provide everything from assistance with showers to meal preparation.  Our Community Health (CHS) scheduling staff not only schedules care on our campuses but also in private residences in Pierce and King counties.  It is unique that a private duty home health agency is not-for-profit and faith-based. It's also unique that our home health agency is connected to a continuing care retirement community.  I wanted to share in this posting some facts about our Community Health Staff, specifically our caregivers that make me so proud to be a part of this organization of professionals.     *We hire less than 10% of qualified applicants as our Home Health caregivers.  *We perform three separate background checks (DSHS, Intellius and WATCH).  Intellius does a multi-state background check while WATCH (state patrol) and DSHS focus solely on our state.  Staff sign for these prior to running the checks and we notify them of their DSHS results once we get them.  Running this type of background check is costly and many home health providers opt out of the multi-state background checks because of the cost and is not mandatory in the hiring process. We obtain three professional work references. The large bulk of our care staff are some of our most experienced caregivers in the healthcare industry.  They have worked in nursing facilities and hospitals and have chosen to work in Home Health because the one on one interaction with our clients is so rewarding. *28% of our CHS staff have been employed at Wesley Homes for over five years while less than 16% of staff have been employed at Wesley Homes for less than a year.  In the industry where annual turnover rates have been quoted as high as 200%, this kind of tenure is unheard of. Over the next several months I will post profiles of our staff to give you an opportunity to get to know some of the important staff working behind the scenes to improve not only the quality of life of our residents, but our community.  It is my extreme pleasure to be a part of this group and to introduce them.