New Tech at Home Health!

New technology in Home Health Services is revolutionizing how clients receive care.

New technology, specifically iPads, is revolutionizing Wesley Homes Home Health services. At first, iPads essentially replaced the clipboard in the health care industry; with the use of WIFI and the ever expanding capabilities of application software or apps, this is quickly changing. For now, iPads have become a vital instrument for both caregivers and nurses alike. With the adoption of this new tech, home health workers are able to log details about their visits and better track the duties they perform and medications they administer.

The iPads have been a great aid in reducing Wesley Homes Home Health’s re-admission rates. The re-admission rate is the percentage of people who have to return to the hospital. The average re-admission rate in Washington State is 15%, and nationally the rate is 16%. At Wesley Homes Home Health, the average is far below at 10%. A major factor in hospital re-admissions is the mismanagement of medication. Diligent record keeping with tools like iPads has declined re-admissions significantly. The use of this new technology as well as the dedicated staff at Wesley Homes have made great strides towards healthier recoveries.

Home Health Certified Nursing Assistant Alla Mamikonyan shares her journey of adapting to the new technology changes at Wesley Homes.

“I had a lot of troubles at first,” said Alla. “In this industry, things are always changing, so I had to relearn. I was scared because I had never used an iPad before, but once I learned I can see how silly it was of me to be so nervous.”

Alla has worked for Wesley Homes Home Health for 11 years. She hasn’t always been in the healthcare industry. In her home country, the former Soviet Republic of Armenia, she worked in manufacturing. Alla says what ties all of her careers together are the people.

“I love working here,” Alla continued. “My whole life I’ve worked with people face to face, and that’s what I love to do. This is my last and best job. I love to make people happy. I want to make them feel better, to make their days easier.”

After her experience with iPads, Alla is ready for any future changes in Home Health. Change is difficult for everyone. It just takes a first leap of faith before changes are widely adopted and making a significant difference in people’s lives.

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