Lea Hill Rehabilitation and Health Care Center

Construction is nearing an end!

The Lea Hill Rehabilitation and Care Center is bringing skilled-nursing and rehabilitation to Lea Hill, completing the full continuum of care on campus in early 2016.

Follow the progression with this time-lapse video from March to May!

Construction is under way at the Wesley Homes Lea Hill campus for the brand new Health Center. The groundbreaking for the Health Center was in early January and construction followed soon after.

The Health Center will have the following features:

  • 36 private suites with private bathrooms, providing comfort and dignity for residents and patients
  • Attractive rooms with kitchenettes, grouped in one of two “neighborhoods” featuring shared living rooms and kitchens, staffed by personal caregivers
  • RNs, LPNs and Nursing Assistants providing 24/7 care under the supervision of each resident’s physician
  • Speech, Physical and occupational therapy available to help residents and patients recover from surgery, illness or injury and to manage daily activities
  • Rehabilitation and long-/short-term care available for all residents of South King County

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