National Safety Month – Week 2: General Wellness

June is National Safety Month, a topic that is so important to the well-being of everybody, but so often is unfortunately in the backs of our minds. To honor the importance of safety, we will be talking about the following topics throughout the week: Week 1: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Week 2: General Wellness Week 3: Emergency Preparedness Week 4: Ergonomics Get ready to start thinking about how you can be safer!   In honor of National Safety Month, this week we will be talking about general wellness, an often overlooked component of safety! Every day, we’re faced with decisions that are crucial for our health. Taking small steps every day to improve general health can have tremendous outcomes on all aspects of our lives.   Proper use of medication Overdose deaths from prescription painkillers are reaching epidemic levels. In fact, an estimated 1.2 million emergency room visits in 2009 were related to this issue with people of all ages. • Never share your medications with someone else • Store medications in their original containers and keep them up, away and out of sight – particularly from children • Properly dispose of unwanted medications, especially painkillers, to prevent theft or misuse by others • If your doctor prescribes you painkillers, be sure to read warning labels carefully and take only as directed Eating right Making slight adjustments to your diet may give you more energy and prevent weight gain or illness. • Choose lean cuts of meat like sirloin and chicken breast, or opt for plant-based products like beans and soy to add variety to your meal • Shop smart—pick products that name a whole grain ingredient first on the list • Use fat-free or low-fat milk on cereal and top baked potatoes with low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream Physical activity Just 30 minutes of exercise a day, five days a week can significantly improve your metabolism and prevent weight gain. Even if you work a sedentary job, there are many ways you can sneak in bouts of physical activity throughout the day. • If you drive to many locations, pick a spot further away from the entrance • Take some time to take a quick walk or climb the stairs • Take frequent, short breaks to stretch and stay active


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