National Case Managers week

Wellness Tip of the Week; Know what resources are available to you!      by Katheryn Howell, Director Community Health Services October 13-19 is National Case Management week.  Case Managers (typically nurses) help those whose needs are complex or when resource allocation decisions are required. Case management may cross many settings throughout an episode of illness or treatment. Case management nurses can follow a medically fragile patient after discharge to ensure smooth transition to the next level of care. They are also able to work with patients in advanced stages of chronic illness to understand how to cope with their disease and provide symptom management.  Case Management week is a great opportunity to recognize the dedication, compassion, and patient care outcomes achieved by Case Managers in your organization. This year’s theme is “Broadening the Continuum of Care”.  Knowing what services are available to you in your own care system is a great practice.  Often those with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy or Parkinson’s Disease for example will have access to case management services if they are registered with the association.  Wesley Homes residents and clients of Home Health have access to and receive case management assistance as a part of our service offering.  We are currently doing some work as an organization in partnering with our care community to help our clients and residents transition from one care level to the next.  Your wellness nurse is a great resource on campus to help you navigate the healthcare system.  You may always contact the Home Health department with questions as well; 206-870-1127.