Moving Into the New Cottages

With the first of the new Cottages complete, Des Moines residents are already moving in.

It’s a New Day at Wesley Homes Des Moines where an extensive campus redevelopment has been underway since October 2016. The new campus, scheduled to be completed as early as 2022, will provide more modern amenities for independent and active lifestyles.

Nine of the new Cottage homes in the first phase of the project have been completed and provide a good example for those still to come.


David and Carol Biles have lived at Wesley Homes Des Moines since 2011. They were the first residents to relocate to a new Cottage on June 30th.

“Everyone who’s moved in so far has been really friendly and we look forward to meeting more new neighbors.” The couple are all moved in and said it’s now just a matter of sorting through boxes and figuring out what goes where.

Moving from one of the older Cottages on campus, they appreciate the updated design and layout of their new home.

“We like the floorplan—I think it’s going to be very comfortable for us,” said David.

John Nitardy has lived in a Des Moines Cottage for the past ten years after retiring from Boeing. His son helped him move into a new Cottage last month, and John has already noticed the benefits.

“My new home is remarkably insulated. It provides very good temperature control and I like how I don’t have to use a lot of electrical energy,” said John. “I also like a lot of natural light, and this cottage lets in plenty of it.”

John also mentioned how Wesley helped facilitate his move. Any move is not without its challenges, and Wesley has worked with current residents to make their relocation go smoothly. Residents have been able to use a relocation company like Just Like Daughters or Rightsizing for Seniors to help them with their move.

With the first of the new Cottages complete, Wesley expects to have Phase 1A completed in late November 2017. The Brownstone and remaining Cottages in Phase 1B come next. Construction has already started for the Brownstone, which is scheduled to be done next summer.

To learn more about available Cottages, Brownstone apartments or to make a reservation, contact Rob Lanouette at 206.870.4705 or complete the form below.