Mothers Day – Another Time

Mother’s Day was just upon us and it was a glorious day in our neck of the woods!  With such unseasonably warm weather this past week people were out in droves and it was fun to see several generations taking it all in. I was a bit unnerved at times to view the apparent disconnection between loved ones due to the ease of smart phones, tablets and the ability to surf the World Wide Web at the drop of a hat!  Don’t misunderstand me, I am grateful for technology, however, there is a time to turn it off and tune in.  It is very different now from days gone past where as children we were expected to hold a conversation with our elders and display as genuine an interest as we could muster.  There is no doubt some of our relatives challenged us more than others! I am so grateful that I grew up with customs of an earlier age and I am equally glad that my children rode the cusp of this great technology boom.   We went to parks and visited with other parents while our children ran circles around us rather than gathering about the nearest Starbucks in what resembles a wagon train of strollers and a sea of gadgets. I am blessed that my 87 year old Mother is able to receive my gratitude on these special occasions, and every day, lord knows she deserves it.  I am also so happy that on a daily basis I am surrounded by so many amazing women and mothers when I come to work each day.   Women who remember what it was like in another time – a time when kids talked with you whether they wanted to or not, a time when this techno-disconnection was simply a glimpse on the horizon. Thank you ladies of Wesley Homes you make it a pleasure to come to work each day!  

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