Meet Boi Dun: Lea Hill Home Health CNA

Boi Dun is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for Wesley Homes Home Health and is based on the Wesley Homes Lea Hill campus in Auburn. She provides care in residents’ apartments as well as people’s homes in the greater Auburn community.

Boi has worked at Wesley Homes Lea Hill for seven years, but she didn’t always work in Home Health. Boi is originally from Burma, also known as Myanmar, where she worked as a midwife for nine years. In Burma, she worked in the maternity and pediatrics wards, but she also traveled to people’s homes for home deliveries.

Boi believes she is meant to be in this industry. “I was born to do this kind of work,” she said. “It runs in the family! Ten of my 12 siblings are in healthcare.”

Boi’s greatest pleasure in life is helping people. It gives her life purpose. “I don’t consider this work,” said Boi. “I don’t care about the money. Money is not what drives me; it’s making people feel better, making people comfortable.”

When asked how Wesley Homes differs from other places she’s worked, Boi replied, “Wesley Homes supports me. My time is more flexible, and I am able to use this time to provide the care each person needs.”

Boi also mentioned the support she receives from the staff at Wesley Homes. “Everyone has helped me adapt to terms, customs and fashions that I was not familiar with,” said Boi. “Whenever I have a question or concern, I have a team behind me to help out whenever I need it.”

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