Meet Bill Morgan: Security Maven

by Pat King, Wesley Homes Des Moines resident Welcome to the office of Bill Morgan, where 112 active security cameras record 24 hours a day. Bill and his crew of six oversee the Wesley Homes Des Moines campus. As Team Captain of Security at Wesley Homes, Bill is responsible for the safety of our 42 acre campus. Every night he or someone on his staff is on patrol, completing walkthroughs on every floor and between every cottage. If there is any question regarding someone’s purpose on campus, Bill or one of the security team is there to address him or her. If someone is disruptive, Bill or one of his security team will escort that person from the premises. He has handcuffs and pepper spray at his disposal but has never had to use the spray. He works with the Des Moines police and fire departments in case of trespassers, fire or medical emergencies and with the always-present paperwork. If you have ever had an emergency on campus, you know how relieved you were to look up to a reassuring face or have Security come to your aid. They will stay with you until you are safe on your own or assistance arrives. Bill and his team are happy that they get help from the residents. He says residents are the eyes and ears of Wesley Homes. If a resident sees or hears something strange, he or she can call Security – even in the middle of the night – and someone on the team will respond. Bill gets to “wear” a variety of hats. He is called for minor accidents, overflowing toilets, fire alarms, absent residents, clogged sinks, elevator maintenance, forgotten keys, TV problems and housekeeping crises. Ever since he was a boy, Bill has been interested in security. His father’s career included owning and operating a private detective agency, working as a locksmith and specializing in surveillance. Bill has been married to his wife Julie for 17 years. They live in White Center. Together they operate a small business dealing in videos, locks and antiques. For 20 years, his hobby has been surfing the Internet. He can find you anything you need to know. Residents and staff know Bill is a friendly face on the Des Moines campus. We’ve come to count on his caring, hands-on help.