Meet Bernie Bailie

Down in the Terrace Leisure Level, past the free yoghurt, coffee and strawberry-kiwi water, past the place where the Wii bowlers compete, past the massive mirror where the exercisers evaluate their progress, there is a sound proof television station that few know about. In the station control room Bernie Bailey reigns. He’s the man behind the television programs that Terrace, Garden and Cottage residents can watch every day on Channel 950. Bernie sits in front of a bank of monitors, DVD players, speakers and switching units. He says his job is easy. Actually, he makes it look easy. It is not. He picks movies from a program file, mixes them so they range from old and new, from heavy drama to musicals, from serious to sometimes silly. He adds in the morning Bible study, programs developed by the station, documentaries and human interest shows. On one computer he sets up the schedule, on another he stores and transfers programs into memory, on another he monitors incoming productions. He writes out the entire weekly schedule and gives it to the flunkies to type. The schedule turns up in every mailbox every Saturday. Joan Zatloukai, station manager, says Bernie is a great guy, fun to work with, and in addition to scheduling, works on the production of new TV shows taped in the studio.  Bernie was born in Spokane in 1931. While working for a small TV station in Pasco he began to notice a pretty, brunette secretary named Rita. Today Bernie and Rita have four grown children, Daniel, David, Susie and Brian. He worked primarily as an aviation engineer for Sperry Flight Systems in Phoenix. That led him to Boeing where he retired in 1993. Bernie compares the job of schedule planning to the unrelenting work of a dairy farm. On a dairy farm the cows have to be milked, fed, watered and cleaned up after every day without fail. So it is with Bernie’s behind the scenes service that helps makes Wesley Homes Channel 950 the only CC TV station in this country that is completely run by residents. Every week is scheduling week. Unrelenting as it is, Bernie is right there facing the monitors.                Bernie got involved and enjoys the role–maybe YOU would like to work in some way with the TV crew.  Call Bernie, Joan, or talk with any person involved with Channel 28/950. By Pat King, Wesley Homes Des Moines Resident

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