Lets Talk About Activities!

  Celebrate Activities Professionals Week January 20-26 By Naniofa Poulivaati-Mounga The purpose of any Activities program is to enhance the lives of residents in all levels of care. When planning the monthly calendar, the Wesley Homes Activities teams try to incorporate the six areas of wellness, comprised of the resident’s physical, spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and vocational wellbeing. All residents in rehab or skilled nursing must have a written care plan that is a systemic assessment and identification of a resident’s challenges and strengths. The setting of goals and the establishment of interventions for accomplishing these goals is part of the plan. All of this effort requires detailed charting and reporting to keep track of the resident’s movement toward goals. The Wesley Homes Activities departments maintain full calendars of events that are meaningful and, above all, enhance the quality of life of residents. Our events range from 1-to-1 individualized room programs, Music & Memory, 5Alive (sensory), special meals outside the daily setting, shopping adventures and so much more! Last year, the Des Moines Health Center started a travel program, where residents enjoyed a South Pacific “cruise”. Keeping the WOW factor in everything we do is what makes the Activities department so much FUN.