Leadership Training Inspires Wesley Staff

New leadership training has inspired Wesley team members to better serve residents and empower others.

Wesley Homes believes in the power of great leadership and the importance of promoting professional growth to better serve its residents and the greater community. Tapping into our mission statement to affirm the worth of those we serve and those who provide service, Wesley recently invested in leadership training for three team members.

The Wesley Homes Foundation provided for Jason Massingale and Robbie Waitt to participate in a year-long, LeadingAge Washington program that consisted of four, two-day conferences held in different locations statewide. Completed in June, both Jason, Lea Hill’s new Director of Facility Operations, and Robbie, Des Moines Assistant Director of Environmental Services, described the training as very helpful and a huge growth opportunity.

New to his position, Jason observed that the training opened his eyes to Wesley’s bigger picture as well as to appreciate his personal ability to make a difference in people’s lives. “I learned that my core values include communicating with and empowering people,” said Jason. “I’ve learned to place more trust into being open and honest and to develop nurturing relationships.”

Similarly, Robbie gave LeadingAge training rave reviews. He explained that the intensive program was loaded with information and awareness-building activities. It helped him identify his leadership style, core values and how to better communicate and work with employees. Eager to participate in an upcoming, two-year Administrator-in-Training (AIT) program that focuses on developing administrative skills, Waitt noted that the LeadingAge training had already helped him be a better leader.

“I recently had the opportunity to listen, coach and help an employee through a rough patch,” said Robbie. “Now he’s doing phenomenally!”

Bradley Park Move-In Coordinator Kelsea Boggs recently completed the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute. Kelsea is grateful to Wesley Homes for the opportunity to participate in the six-month program.

She described the program as fun and inspiring, especially hearing the personal stories of local leaders. “From their stories, I learned that anybody can be an effective leader if they have a passion for people and lead from the heart,” said Kelsea.

All three leadership graduates appreciate Wesley Homes’ commitment to and investment in their personal and professional growth. Each has come away from their leadership training with new energy, confidence and toolboxes brimming with common sense and compassionate ways to better serve employees so they can better serve the Wesley Homes communities.

The three trainees aspire to create and nurture other leaders. Jason observed that the training has helped him more fully understand Wesley Homes’ “Coaching for Success” culture.

“I want to be a catalyst to inspire great work so we are all a little better and happier,” said Jason. “I think the training has given me the ability and the courage to empower others.”