Its Almost Flu Season

      by Ann Aarhus, RN; Clinical Director, Community Health Services Why should you get a flu shot? Flu season usually starts in October and lasts as late as May. During this time flu viruses are circulating in the population. During a regular flu season about 90% of deaths occur in people 65 and older. Obviously this includes most of our residents and some of our staff. The flu is also hard on anyone with chronic health conditions including respiratory problems and diabetes.     The flu vaccine each year protects against three viruses that research indicates will be the most common. Recently I was asked about the vaccine that protects against 4 viruses. Unfortunately this is only offered in a nasal spray and at this time only approved for healthy people between the ages of 2 and 49. Who should not be vaccinated? Anyone with a severe allergy to chicken eggs or has had a severe reaction to the vaccine in the past should not be vaccinated. If you currently have an illness with a temperature you should wait until you are healthy to receive the vaccine. Call Wesley Homes Home Health at 206-870-1127 for more information.