Introducing Pat Billups- Terrace Wellness Nurse

"I have been working for Wesley Homes for over seven years, currently for Community Health Services in serving the Terrace residents. Wellness is defined as trying to be in the best possible health for you. It does not mean that you don't have medical issues. Wellness does mean that within those limitations you will strive for the best health outcome that you can. I try with this job to not just be a fixer. I consider myself more of a pointer and guide. We as nurses are trying to point our residents in the right direction so that a problem they are having can be fixed.  We guide them by helping them make the most helpful choice. We do not make the choice for them. Many times we help residents connect with their own family member so that they can be helpful in assisting the resident. If I had a piece of advice to give to residents, it would be to listen to the second most important voice in their healthcare decisions; Their Physician. The resident is the first and most important voice. Know yourself and your body. Ask your Physician for help if it is needed."