International Bite Showcases “United Nations” of Wesley Homes

Last week a spectacular melting pot of cultures came together in a celebration over food, dance and music at the Wesley Homes Des Moines Health Center.

The Health Center at Wesley Homes is distinctive in the richness of culture and support that are housed within the Des Moines campus. Director of Activities and Volunteer Services Naniofa Poulivaati-Mounga created and organized this unforgettable event. The International Bite started as a travel program for residents of the Health Center to give them a unique way to experience different cultures and “travel” around the world. Residents and staff wrapped up the travel program with one last celebration, the International Bite.

The International Bite featured the cultures and foods from the 10 countries highlighted at the Health Center this summer: Bosnia, Kenya, Fiji, India, American Samoa, Mexico, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Kingdom of Tonga and the Republic of the Philippines. Each country was represented by Wesley Homes Des Moines Health Center employees who were born in those countries.

This exciting event featured a DJ for all of the cultural music, and each country had 15 minutes to showcase their traditional dances and ceremonies. Bites of traditional foods were also served. The food and food preparation was generously donated by staff and their families.

“I came up with the International Bite to showcase our variety of cultures while concluding the program for the year,” said Nani, “but really, the employees view it as an opportunity to give back to the residents. We embrace them as part of our family.”

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