Home Health – A Big Benefit in Your Home

By Steve Whitaker

Wesley Homes Home Health services provide excellent in-home care when care is needed most, as Karolyn Smith discovered. Karolyn, a long-time Brownstone resident of Wesley Homes Lea Hill, feels blessed that home care was available for her. Her situation is an example of how unexpected extra medical assistance can be helpful.

Recently, Karolyn caught a serious strain of the flu. Her illness progressed to the point where it was extremely difficult for her to get out of bed. She debated for a short time whether to contact Wesley Homes Home Health or call 911. She was familiar with Wesley Homes Home Health services because one of her Brownstone neighbors had used them. The staff had stepped in promptly and offered superb care, and Karolyn’s neighbor was very pleased with the service.

Karolyn opted to call 911 because she was certain that’s what the Home Health staff would have done. She was taken to MultiCare in Auburn. They determined that Karolyn had a severe case of the flu, and she was given an antiviral medication to lessen the symptoms. While in the hospital, Karolyn suggested to her daughter that Home Health care be available when she returned from the ER.

On Karolyn’s return home, Wesley Homes Home Health was ready for her. “The Home Health staff was fantastic! Residents are so lucky to have Home Health at their disposal,” she said. The staff checked her vitals and provided fluids and food. They visited Karolyn four times on the first day to ensure things were okay. In addition to the Home Health staff providing care, Karolyn’s neighbors took good care of her, too. They dropped by with fruit, muffins, soup, oatmeal and more to aid in her recovery.

By the second day, Karolyn had improved and only required three visits from Home Health. By the third day, she felt much better. “I couldn’t have run a race, but I could do things for myself,” she recalled.

Karolyn gives a heart-felt thank you to Wesley Homes Home Health. “Having Home Health on campus is a big benefit, and I’m so happy they are here!”

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