Hiking Leads to a Second Chance at Love

by Steve Whitaker February reminds us that the spark of love is the main component which keeps a marriage alive. This is definitely true in the case of Don and Molly Cone. They have a very special way of letting each other know how important their relationship is. The Cones leave notes around the house expressing their love and admiration for each other. The exchanging of notes has been going on since they married eight years ago after both Don’s and Molly’s spouses passed away. Don and Molly agree that couples have to find ways to keep a marriage exciting. In addition to the notes, the Cones share a love of hiking. In the last few years, Don has been leading a hiking group from the Wesley Homes Des Moines campus. He was in the Boeing Hiking Club and had led group hikes through that club. Don has taken on many hiking and climbing challenges like Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Glacier Peak and other peaks along the Snoqualmie Corridor. Molly has done her share of serious climbing as well. When she was 45, she climbed Mount Olympus on the Olympic Peninsula. Don and Molly’s paths crossed because of their love of the outdoors and hiking. Around the time that Don and Molly met, Don was leading hikes at Des Moines United Methodist Church. A friend of Molly’s knew she enjoyed hiking and told Molly of the outdoor excursions the church offered. Molly went on many of these church-led hikes; over time, she became well acquainted with Don. First a deep friendship formed. Their relationship progressed, and Don and Molly eventually tied the knot. The Cones love travelling throughout the world as well. Of all the places they have visited, Don enjoyed Costa Rica best for the exotic animal and plant life and the friendly people. Meeting and making friends with the staff and residents at Wesley Homes Des Moines has been a delightful experience for Don and Molly. They love that they are still able to participate in activities they both enjoy. In addition to leading Wesley Homes’ residents on incredible hikes, Don also leads monthly day trips with Molly at his side. Recently, the group went to the Museum of Flight. In the next few weeks, he will take a group on a tour of the Port of Tacoma. Don and Molly love spending time together going to the theater and enjoying everything that the outdoors has to offer to keep their relationship alive and the love-fire burning.For the second installment of our month of Wesley Homes love stories, come back February 13th.

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