My Grandparents are Happy

Life for Nana and Pop Pop was getting more and more difficult, and they were living all the way out in California. That’s like WAAAY out there.

"So Mom and Dad talked them into coming to live HERE. We get to see them all the time now. Every weekend we show up to their cute little cottage at Wesley Homes. We play for a while, then my brother and I go and spend our own time riding bikes, boating, walking on the beach and playing soccer on the lawn.

This is the bestest place to have our Grandparents, this way we get to spend a lot more time with them. They say it’s what keeps them so young. We play Wii golf and Wii tennis. We have so much fun now, wish they could have been here sooner."

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Dad is Happy

My Dad is Happy

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Happy Retired Teacher

Happy Retired Teacher

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