Giving with Heart

  by Julie Fraser, Wesley Homes Foundation Annual Giving Manager Wesley Homes heads into the holidays with gratitude and a dedication to serve the greater community as well as residents on our campuses. After all, we are a family. As it is with many families, the holiday season can bring a mix of emotions: nostalgia, joy, excitement and sometimes a sense of loss. We are taught to prepare for the unexpected; however, a significant life challenge can throw the best-laid plans off balance. Throughout the year, we honor our tradition of care through a variety of fundraisers and community projects. This holiday season, the Wesley Homes administrative staff is pleased to sponsor a Giving Tree.  The Giving Tree is dedicated to our family of staff who may be experiencing one of life’s proverbial bumps along the road.  The Wesley Homes family is here to help smooth the way through generosity of spirit and commitment to provide for one another during health crises and other difficult times. We have all heard, “Tis better to give than to receive.” Small yet kind gestures, such as our 2011 and 2012 Salvation Army Gift drives and 2013 Giving Tree, provide each of us the opportunity to give and receive hope. Additionally, our communities of residents and staff are honored to be part of the greater Des Moines and Auburn communities.  It is with abundant thankfulness we offer donations to the Des Moines Food Bank and the Auburn Food Bank this holiday season and throughout the year. Lea Hill Brownstone residents have adopted families to provide gifts and Christmas dinner. The community of Wesley Homes understands that sometimes it is the small expressions of care that can turn things around for others. If you would like to be part of the Wesley Homes Giving Tree, please call the Foundation office at 206-870-1262 or email [email protected]

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