GiveBIG! Now More Than Ever

By Julie Fraser, Wesley Homes Foundation Annual Giving Manager

Philanthropy: the love of humanity – in the sense of caring for, nourishing, developing or enhancing; humanity in the sense of what it is to be human.*

GiveBIG, our annual online charitable event, provides you with an opportunity to give a gift that positively impacts lives and enhances what makes us human.

Wesley Homes has served generations of older adults – some of whom likely never imagined they might outlive their financial resources and require assistance. This could happen to anyone and through no fault of their own.

Wesley Homes Foundation is honored to continue to serve our valued residents. Recently, one of these folks, who has called Wesley Homes “home” for decades, became the beneficiary of your generosity and kindness.

This gentleman has been a supporter of our mission, giving wisely yet generously to a fund he never imagined he would need. He has inspired his neighbors and friends to give to the Foundation and has been a tireless advocate for the place he calls home. It is this man’s turn to be nourished and cared for – Now More Than Ever.

Wesley Homes Foundation invites you to GiveBIG and make a positive impact on the lives of our residents. We need your help to continue our vision of revolutionizing senior living across the Puget Sound Region.

Your support will help us move forward with the redevelopment of our Des Moines campus, build new communities in Puyallup and Renton, provide enriching programs to our residents and surrounding communities and offer emergency assistance to our staff.

Plan ahead and GiveBIG early. Make your tax-deductible gift online today!

For more information, please contact Julie Fraser, Annual Giving Manager, at 206.870.1262 or [email protected]

*Courtesy of Wikipedia