Down Shift

Here's the 3rd tip in the Blue Zones Power9 program: Down Shift
 – Stress leads to chronic inflammation, associated with every major age-related disease. What the world’s longest-lived people have that we don’t are routines to shed that stress. Okinawans take a few moments each day to remember their ancestors, Adventists pray, Ikarians take a nap and Sardinians do happy hour. Residents at Wesley Homes enjoy a full calendar of activities from bocce ball to line dancing and even ukelele lessons. Meditation Research shows that just 20 minutes of meditation a day increases endorphins; decreases stress and promotes a positive state of mind, thereby fostering better general health. "So, how do I meditate?" Here's how: Sit quietly Close your eyes Feel the environment around you Remain still and pay attention to your breathing Create the quietness within Continue breathing quietly Start with 5 or 10 minutes and slowly build on it If possible, meditate the same time every day provided by Blue Zones and the Power9 principles.