Don’t worry! Be happy!

Being happy is part of being mentally and physically healthy. Some studies suggest that happiness may be linked with lower stress-related hormones and better immune function. Though happiness is subjective, we all know it when we feel it. One of the best things about happiness is that it’s contagious. Is it no wonder that we all feel better around happy people? Happiness is so important that there is a Secret Society of Happy People devoted to circulating this emotion. Their efforts have brought us Happiness Happens Day (August 8) and Happiness Happens Month (August). Whether you are a member or not, the society encourages everyone to celebrate Happiness Happens Month by making happiness a habit and spreading it through these or other acts of joy: Talk to people about happiness. Tell them what makes you happy, and ask them what makes them happy. Blog, tweet or post your Daily Happy Moment. Lead a Happiness Happens Month celebration activity. Ideas for activities include voting for the Happiest Employee or Customer, hosting a Happy Scavenger Hunt or favorite era costume party, creating a happy trivia game or organizing aHappy Pot Luck Lunch where staff reveal their happiest moment at the company. Make a Happy Treasure Chest and fill it with things that bring a smile to your face, such as photos, cards, jokes, letters, etc. Open your happy chest any time you need a happy boost. You can also create chests for other people or host a Happy Treasure Chest Party so people can decorate their treasure chests. When you tuck your kids into bed at night, take turns listing the happy moments you experienced that day. Become the silver lining in people’s lives by passing out silver kisses. Send friends happy thoughts by e-mail, phone, text or even letter. If you see a friend or co-worker who isn’t happy, go out of your way to try to bring them joy. The Secret Society of Happy People labels 31 Types of Happiness. If you want to recognize more happiness in your life or spread specific types of happiness, this list can help you get started. As Buddha said, “Happiness never decreases by being shared,” so go out and make someone happy today!