Do you have what it takes to be perfect?

Several staff members were able to attend a presentation recently given by author Donald Barden. His book is called “The Perfect Plan.” After ten years of study, Mr. Barden was able to identify several common attributes of the top 1% of business leaders. His work focused on how they interacted with their colleagues, and their customers. He spoke of these as their promises and beliefs. They are: Promises Maintain an attitude of gratitude Seek to educate Be easy to do business with Beliefs Seek to create, not compete Exceed expectations at all times Always give forward, without expectation of anything in return It has been great to share his insights with our colleagues, but has also been valuable in our personal lives with family and friends. Different perspectives are always so interesting. An example was the way Mr. Barden talked about the word perfect. Many of us were taught that perfection was something never attained, but one could always strive for. Yet according to Mr. Barden, perfect is defined as “always becoming.” So I suppose we are left to wonder; is perfection achieved at the destination? Or is it something experienced during the journey? The one piece of information about the elite 1% of business minds that may have been most inspiring though was that the “unfair advantage” they possessed was . . . they set out each day to serve others. Which could be interpreted to mean that each of us has the potential to be perfect!