Crocheting for Charity

One Wesley Homes Des Moines resident has crocheted and donated over 1,000 blankets to nearby hospitals.

Since the 1930s, Louise Fox has lovingly donated each crocheted piece she’s created to nearby hospitals. At age 98, she is still at it.

During her five years as a resident of Wesley Homes, Louise has crocheted over 1,000 blankets for the patients at local hospitals. Her unique blankets consist of 36 hexagonal pieces stitched together to make the perfect lap-sized afghan. The pieces are colorful, bright, and intricate.

While a resident of The Terrace apartments at Wesley Homes Des Moines, Louise participated in The Gardens Needle Crafters every Thursday. She recently moved to the Health Center, where she enjoys crocheting in her room and making lap blankets and caps.

Louise Fox, nee Hellwig, was born in January 1918 in Ephrata, Washington to Mr. and Mrs. Raylord Hellwig. Louise was the second oldest of four children: Amelia, Howard and Truman. She got her education from Foster Grade school and high school. After her graduation, Louise worked at the local Sears department store for a short time. She married Joel Fox when she was 21 years old. The Foxes lived most of their lives in South Seattle. Louise remembered how she and her husband would often go hunting with his friends. One year, she tracked down a big moose in Eastern Washington. That was a proud moment for her, and she has shared the story many times over the years.

“When we returned home, we had a big feast with our family,” said Louise.

While we at Wesley Homes think of Louise as wrapping up those in need in love and something warm, Louise is humble about her years of kindness and generosity.

“What more can I ask for? I enjoy what I do and try to be as happy as can be,” said Louise.

Louise embodies part of Wesley Homes’ mission in social accountability by giving back to the community. We are grateful for residents like her with such a spirit of giving.