Community Celebrates Bradley Park Groundbreaking

Wesley Homes recently celebrated the groundbreaking for Bradley Park campus with over 250 guests, including future residents, business leaders and community members.

The groundbreaking celebratory event, held on February 28th, is a major milestone for the Bradley Park project that started nearly four years ago. The planning, fundraising, Pioneer recruitment and awareness campaigns wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Bradley Park’s Ambassadors, Pioneers, civic and state leadership, colleagues, friends, family 一 all of whom were in attendance.

The afternoon began with soothing songs from the Rogers High School Jazz Band Quintet and bright greetings from the Puyallup Daffodil Festival princesses.

“We had a great intergenerational turnout, which I think made the celebration all the more special. There was just so much excitement with this many people being able to come together and see that this is really happening!” said Peggy Qualls, Bradley Park Community Relations Director.

Guests enjoyed an array of delicious appetizers and treats and were soon greeted by Kevin Anderson, Wesley Homes President and CEO. Kevin spoke about the history, vision and future of Bradley Park as he graciously praised those whose efforts have helped make the groundbreaking happen.

“We have very dedicated staff who have been working hard on this project, but it’s also going to be successful as a result of the people in our communities who believe in this vision for East Pierce County. We have been blessed to have so many wonderful volunteers helping to make this dream a reality,” said Kevin.

Larry Carney, Bradley Park Ambassador and Pioneer, spoke about how he and his wife had chosen Bradley Park as their future home. He emphasized how important it is for people to acknowledge that their health needs will likely change. For this reason, Bradley Park will offer them a place within their community where their needs will be met, where they can live comfortably and with peace of mind.


Puyallup Mayor John Hopkins was enthusiastic about what Bradley Park will bring to the city. He noted that with Puyallup being recognized as the first Age Friendly City in Washington State,  Wesley Homes Bradley Park will be a major component of that identity for Puyallup.

Puyallup-Sumner Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Shelly Schlumpf was also enthused about the project.

“I started getting really excited about the Wesley Homes vision for Puyallup. Wesley Homes has great local staff and a sustainable business model, which ensures longevity and a quality of service they’re known for,” said Shelly.

She explained that there is a lot of support for Bradley Park because of the comfort and care it will provide to a community that values aging in place.

Absher Construction President Dan Absher shared his personal connection with Bradley Park. He revealed that he and his wife had decided to support the project long before Absher was selected to be the general contractor. His mother had first learned about Wesley Homes and found it to be ideal for accommodating the social, physical and spiritual needs of seniors. As a result, she volunteered to help bring Wesley Homes to the Puyallup area.

“I’m honoring my father and mother by supporting Bradley Park,” said Dan.

He added that it is not just in tribute to his parents; “It’s all seniors in our community. We’re honored to have an opportunity to build this facility,” said Dan.

Shortly after the celebration, Wesley Homes broke literal ground on the site for the new campus, and the work is now in full swing. Now is the best time to make a reservation and choose a future residence at Bradley Park 一 a new vision of retirement living for Puyallup and for people who love life.

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