Come Enjoy the Rainier Bistro

The Rainier Bistro offers a diverse menu of specialty foods and coffees and a relaxing place for residents and guests to socialize.

One of the recent additions to the Des Moines Terrace renovations completed last year is the the Rainier Bistro, which offers high-quality, specialty foods, drinks and snacks at an affordable price in the newly remodeled lobby.

bistro-03In addition to an everyday menu, the bistro keeps things fresh with a rotating menu that features various hot and cold entrées and a soup of the day and week. Some of the most popular items are the flavoured coffees, such as French vanilla and mocha as well as the weekly entrées and salads. Also on the menu are pastries, sandwiches, chips, soups, fruit, parfaits and a variety of cold beverages.

The Rainier Bistro was created to offer more choices for residents and add value to the quality of life on campus.

Des Moines Executive Director Alex Candalla said, “We really wanted to provide something different for our residents on the Des Moines campus, and while it does not replace our existing meal programs, the bistro provides our residents another set of options in a new space. Without it, the dining room was the only venue we had where residents and family members or guests could dine.”

bistro-02It’s not uncommon in retirement communities to see a lobby with nothing but a few pieces of furniture. At Wesley Homes Des Moines, you can still find many comfortable places to sit and read the paper; now they have a brighter, more inviting common space where they can get gourmet coffee and socialize with guests, friends, family and staff.

“It’s been a big success among residents and staff. Now people can take the time to grab a cup of coffee together, sit in the lounge and chat without having to go off campus. Our residents are really enjoying it,” said Assistant Director of Culinary Services Kevin Sagastume.

A continuing goal for the Des Moines campus has been to create additional programs for residents to choose from, and the Rainier Bistro provides that additional choice and freedom.

Plans for the future may include new menu items, extended hours and payment options. The bistro is open to residents, staff and visitors Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Come try it out!