Choosing Elder Care

Elder Housing, and how one chooses it, was the topic of a recent post on the daily Blog I subscribe to Time Goes By (once on the TGB site, type "Choosing Elder Housing" in the Search TGB bar in the far right column). I have worked in the senior housing industry for a number of years and am myself a few years shy of 60. I decided it was time to find out what was going on in the elder blogosphere; after all, I am a daughter, mother, sister, and professional. I deserve some peace of mind. I am a baby boomer; a member of the sandwich generation. I find myself toggling between my elderly parents, millennial children and taking care of my own needs. I am blessed and fortunate to experience any challenges associated with this; nonetheless, at times, there are worries. My father will be 90 on his next birthday, and my Mother 87, they live on their own in a one story condominium. They are both fall risks and they have both taken more than their fair share of tumbles. They are inter-dependent on one another and I shudder to imagine one without the other. All of these bridges crossed as one encounters them.  Working in retirement communities over the years, and supporting residents as they meet the challenges which accompany the loss inherent in growing older, I am always so grateful that they belong to a community.   A community where they are enriched by the staff, and their neighbors, individuals to hold up, and to hold them up, in both the good times and the not so good. Relationships that provide physical and emotional safety; a place they call home.  

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