Celebrating Our Champion, Beth Guessow!


“With love and joy, we are called to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of those we serve.”  Beth says, and then adds “what could be more profound?”  It is precisely this portion of Wesley Homes’ Mission Statement which resonates with her.

Beth Guessow began working as a Housekeeper at Wesley Homes Lea Hill in 2008.  Beth, and her late husband Allan, were neighbors and good friends with current Lea Hill residents Don and Lois Sundberg and often dined together.

Eventually, the Sundberg’s placed a deposit at Lea Hill and in 2007 moved into their new home.   During Lea Hill’s construction the two couples had fun watching its progress not yet realizing the importance this community would have on their friendship.

In 2008, Beth brought Lois back to Lea Hill from a lunch outing, she broached the subject of working as a Housekeeper for the campus.  The rest is history and Beth now serves as the Supervisor of Housekeeping.

Beth describes how the community of Lea Hill rallied around her when her husband, Allan, became ill and eventually passed in 2010.  Beth was very touched when she saw that at least half of the residents from Lea Hill and many of her co-workers were in attendance at Allan’s Memorial Service.

This great generation who make Wesley Homes their home have a keen understanding of adversity and the curve balls that life can sometimes throw.  They were a life-saver to Beth during her time of need and they continue to offer her support and friendship.

Beth gives back and is a Proud Stakeholder as a result of these caring friends who have now become her family.  We are fortunate she is a Wesley Homes Champion!

As we approach the Seattle Foundation’s Give BIG – The Day of Champions on Tuesday, May 5th, please consider making a gift in celebration of our Wesley Homes Champions!


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