Celebrating Our Champion, Janelle Nishimura!

GiveBIH_003“There are times when I am tired, but once I am with our residents, I am energized again!” Janelle Nishimura smiles as she describes why she chose the path of activities and life enrichment.

Janelle graduated from Central Washington State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and a minor in Gerontology.  While most graduates in this discipline continue with a career in physical therapy and rehabilitation, Janelle knew that she wanted to engage with older adults on a different level.

During her Internships she found that activities and lifestyle enrichment was the work that was most meaningful.  In October, Janelle will celebrate five years of brightening the days of our Wesley Homes resident’s – and five years of receiving more than she ever imagined from these same individuals.

Having an extended family within the workplace is just fine with Janelle – she loves the fact that many kind people with broad shoulders exist within this community and she counts herself as one of them.

Janelle is a Proud Stakeholder and gives back to her community to ensure that a resident is never asked to leave if they run out of funds through no fault of their own.

Additionally, she has seen firsthand the power of the Music & Memory program initiated by Wesley Homes’ Chaplain Michael Byrd and funded by Wesley Homes Foundation. Janelle describes the cognitively impaired residents who listen to their personalized music as peaceful and in an awakened state – a state where emotions float to the surface and feelings are felt again.

She ends by sharing how good it feels to send photos and brief videos to the loved ones of these residents; allowing them an opportunity to sneak a glimpse into all the good things happening at Wesley Homes and how these positively impact the life of the one they love.

 As we approach the Seattle Foundation’s Give BIG – The Day of Champions on Tuesday, May 5th, please consider making a gift in celebration of our Wesley Homes Champions!

Watch this video to see why Janelle gives back to Wesley Homes!



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