Celebrating Easter

The HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson’s flagship in the battle of Trafalgar, is majestic, mesmerizing those who tour her, including me. Voices echo throughout each deck as excited tourists touch the cannons and wonder aloud about life aboard ship or the constant frenzy of battle. Step out from her cramped lower decks into the open air of her top deck and you'll be greeted with the muffled whispers of profound reverence. Each visitor in turn, bows their head to read the plaque and remember: Here, where you stand, Vice-Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson fell in battle.   This Holy Week, people who put their faith in Jesus remember His heroic deeds and the ultimate sacrifice God paid on our behalf as Christ gave His life on the cross for a very different, more important, battle. We remember His last supper, the Passover celebration from which we draw the bread and cup of Holy Communion; His body broken for us, His blood shed for us, tangible reminders lest we forget. Good Friday is good, of course, because it was on that day Christ paid for our sins with his life. Easter morning we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the Grave! There is no tomb holding His body, no hellish power able to hold Him down. His Victory complete. He ascended into heaven and lives in those who believe in Him. His monument on earth is in the lives of those who truly live The Faith, following His lead and living like Him.    You, of course, through faith in Him, are His living plaque.