Caregiver Profile: Alla Mamikonyan

Alla Mamikonyan; N.A.C. Has worked for Wesley Homes for 9 years for Community Health Services.  Alla is scheduled on the Des Moines Campus.  2012 Employee of the quarter.  Alla is from Armenia – the former Soviet Union.  She worked for 22 years filling orders for a government-owned supply company.  Later Alla and her family moved to the United States where she started her work on a Dementia unit.  Alla received her NAC license in 1995 and began her work with Wesley Homes in 2004.  “I like to stay at home with nobody there and clean.  I also like to sing and dance!”  Alla also enjoys spending time with her two children and five grandchildren and spending time with friends.  Alla on her work; "I take care of people who need my help to make their faces happier, their lives better and their day go smoother!"  "Everyone has different needs; some clients need more than others…I do whatever they need, help with dressing, showers…even back rubs!" Clients on Alla; "Alla goes above and beyond to treat her clients with courtesy and respect.  She does the little things like picking up my hearing aids, dusting off my shoes and she gives me a napkin when she puts drops in my eyes.  She is very conscientious.  Alla is very polite, on time and treats her clients like royalty."– Wesley Garden’s Client J.H. Co-workers on Alla; "Once during a bad snow storm Alla spent the night on campus for 2 or 3 nights to make sure she would make it for work as she rode the bus.  After the first night when I saw that she was sleeping on two chairs pushed together, I got her a guest room to stay in…. This speaks volumes about Alla's sense of responsibility and work ethics." -Virginia Tanuma- Wesley Homes Wellness Nurse "Alla is an excellent co-worker.  She is very team-oriented.  I’ve worked with many caregivers but I think Alla has been the one I can really work with as a team.  We do our job together and Alla helps me a lot.  Alla is the one who trained me here.  Alla makes the work and your day go by so fast and smoothly.  She is the best!” – Diana Ramirez – Wesley Homes N.A.C. (campus caregiver)  “I would be lost without her.  She’s available many times at a moment’s notice and offers suggestions that support us in scheduling.  Her smile lights up a room” – Christie Webb-Wesley Homes Scheduler