Brenda Drinkwine: Thankful to help others

Brenda Drinkwine has worked with older adults most of her life. Before starting her career as a CNA in her early 20s, Brenda was a teacher. She taught Sunday school classes, elementary school and piano. Brenda has dedicated her life to helping people, which makes her a perfect fit for Wesley Homes Home Health.

Brenda describes the role of a caregiver as difficult but extremely rewarding. Although it is often physically and mentally demanding, the position teaches an overwhelming amount of patience. When Brenda has a difficult day, she finds it important to affirm the worth of the people she helps. Wesley Homes’ mission is one of the key factors in Brenda’s decision to work for Wesley Homes. Her favorite part of the mission statement is, “We affirm the worth of those that we serve and those that provide service.” Brenda finds this part of the mission vitally important. Not only do caregivers provide care, but they provide self-confidence, strength and self-worth in those they serve.

Wesley Homes has an excellent support system behind their caregivers. Brenda said, “I wouldn’t feel as comfortable with another organization. If I need help or guidance, there’s a whole team on the other end of my phone to assist me. If I need more help, they send someone else to help.”

Brenda also discussed how unique and rewarding working in home care is. “It’s always challenging when you work with a new client for the first time, but the relationship you build with them over time makes up for the first few days,” she said.

“We, as humans, are all so different and unique, and sometimes people just don’t get along. That’s okay. As a caregiver, you have to accept that sometimes people won’t like you for one reason or another. It’s important for the client to find a caregiver they are comfortable with and trust. If they don’t get along with the caregiver, they are just a step closer to finding a perfect match,” explained Brenda.

With Brenda’s history as a piano teacher, she is always delighted when she finds a piano in her client’s homes. She loves to play music for them and continually works on different pieces in her own home to bring something new to her clients. She’s currently working on seven different pieces, with Bach as her favorite composer.

Brenda’s favorite part of working in homecare is the variety of her days. Brenda concluded, “I get to talk to different and unique people every day. My job is never boring!”