Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Who would believe that so small a space could contain all the images of the universe? Leonardo Da Vinci Downsizing to an apartment can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Being in a community with separate recreation, dining and entertaining areas enables one to use personal space for private uses such as sleeping, work and relaxation. The greatest challenge of moving to a smaller space is finding a place for ones treasures.  Here are some tips on making efficient use of smaller spaces: Incorporate multi-use furniture such as a storage ottoman, a clothes hamper that doubles as an end table, a coffee table that turns into a bed or a drop-leaf table that allows chair storage underneath. Add a drop down counter or purchase an adjustable height coffee table.  These items can serve as desk space or dining table when needed. Lighten up your furniture to fit the space by choosing slimmer designs and moveable tables or cabinets. Include mirrors in your decorating to reflect light and add depth to a room. At Wesley Homes, you have the option of mirrored closet doors.  While not for everyone, mirrored doors add a feeling of space to a small room and are easier to open than wood or metal doors.  Separate areas with partitions to add privacy to a workspace or sleeping area.  Folding screens come in many different styles to fit different décor preferences and some even hold photos.  A freestanding bookshelf or cabinet unit can also serve as a partition to separate areas of a room.  Choose translucent or open partitions to let light into the space. Create definition by painting walls different colors.  Cool colors add depth to a room and can make a space feel larger. Install a closet organization system.  California Closets offers a variety of closet organizers to make the most efficient use of space. Studios sometimes require additional creativity to make one room into both a living and sleeping space: Wall bed systems or Murphy Beds have become an attractive option for small spaces as they help maximize floor space. The beds are easily stored behind attractive doors and can be part of a complete design incorporating desk space, shelving, cabinets, a dresser, or whatever suits your needs.  For some ideas, see A daybed is a popular choice of residents in studio apartments. Daybeds serve both as a bed and a sitting area for company.  Built-in storage cabinets or shelving help turn wall space into valuable storage. The Container Store has a variety of options for attractive and useful furnishings and organization solutions. Wesley Homes has partners who can help you downsize and organize. Call us toll free 1-855-445-8827.

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