American Hero Quilts

by Wesley Homes Lea Hill resident Jean Fisher American Hero Quilts began on Vashon Island in the heart of Sue Nebeker nearly 10 years ago. Saddened by the dead and injured soldiers of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, she organized a quilt-a-thon. More than 80 people gathered at Vashon Island's Methodist Church to iron fabric, sew, or feed the volunteers.  Political bumper stickers on the cars in the parking lot ranged from Bush to Kerry to Nader.  Politics were set aside for the day for a higher purpose.  Fast-forward to the present time and the American Hero Quilt project continues on in the hearts and minds of quilt guilds and individual quilters throughout the greater Puget Sound area.  Injured soldiers returning through Madigan Army Medical Hospital and other military hospitals receive a red-white-and blue "hug" of appreciation for their service. At a November 12, 2011 proper English Tea fundraiser for American Hero Quilt project, the total number of quilts donated at that time was 9,501.  The total number by now must be well over 10,000. The Wesley Homes Lea Hill Quilt Group has jumped on the American Hero Quilt bandwagon,  Introduced to the project by Pat Kelly Chubb (daughter-in-law of residents Lou and Bernice Chubb and daughter of Kay Kelly), she provided a pattern and a bit of fabric.  The group members have made enough squares for FOUR quilt tops! Visit the American Hero Quilt project website at to see examples of quilts donated to the project and to read more of their story. 

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